The Midnight Omelette

At the stroke of midnight, last Saturday night, while watching Ek Doctor Ki Maut” (yeah couldn’t find a movie more depressing), my hubby and I had this sudden urge to eat noodles. But the ones that we had bought were totally bland, and thus began our preparations to cook spicy Indian Style noodles.
Hubby dear has taken charge of kitchen these days, while all I do is crash my laptop playing Farmville.

The good thing about him being in kitchen is I don’t have to do anything. Well it’s more like I am not allowed to lest I ruin his cooking. 

So while he painstakingly chopped vegetables, I glided-floated-jumped around the kitchen, singing “Tip Tip Barsa Paani”, doing my “bokwas” belly dancing to it. My super excited self was super hungry so I opened a noodle packet and started nibbling on it. By the time he was done sauteing all the vegetables, only half a packet remained in my hand. Of course he gave me Oh-god-I-married-a-bakasur look, shook his head and took out few more packets from the storage.

In my defense all I could do was make a lamb like expression, rub my belly and say “Hubby, Bhook lagi”.

He made omelettes too (yeah he’s adorable). Since the pan wasn’t non-stick, the first one broke, but the second stayed intact and looked super delicious. And as a rule he took the good one, while dumped the broken one in my bowl.  (damn… not so adorable) which led to another session of sulking and making faces. The broken omelette looked a crying self of me. 

His only response was- “hurrrrr, It’s anyway going to break in your stomach”. But then we all know, wifey always win. After bugging him and throwing “evil eyes” on his omelette, he finally let me have the good one 😀

Here’s our special Omelette vegetable noodles.

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  1. Lovely post.. And nice omelette vegetable noodles.. The fun to eat something made by the hubby at an odd hour is something else.. Plus indochinese food is amazing.. That must have tasted great.. Plus it shows what love you both share.. Keep writing..

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