Sydney Olympic Park – A walk

It was a lazy weekend. We had a delicious meal of Biriyani for lunch and were thinking what to do next. After much brainstorming we decided to find the nearest water body. GPS were switched on and we started walking towards North Strathfield, following GPS directions.

After walking for nearly half an hour we reached Sydney Olympic Park. Lush green grounds, creepy looking Mangroves, Magpies – I walked down the beautiful cycling track soaking in the beauty.

The Mangrove Forest

A beautiful ground to sit and relax

And finally we reached the water body – which is a part of Homebush bay.

We must have walked for 3 hours by the time we reached home. The funny thing is I wasn’t tired at all. May be it was the weather because I know my stamina. I would have been on a diet of saline water if that was the case in Bangalore.

I am planning to go back to Sydney Olympic park again, as we didn’t cover a major part of the place. Will keep you guys posted 🙂

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