Sydney Chronicles – Of Restroom and Skies

Before traveling I have been asking my friends what was the first thing they did when they arrived in a new country. The answers ranged from weird to abnormal (Kaly this refers to your ‘marking the territory’ reply :P ). Coming back to me, the first thing I did after landing on a foreign soil is invade the men’s restroom. Yeah, I am that stupid. And the sign in the Malaysia airport were of no help. Luckily I was stopped right on the door and redirected. The women’s washroom was on the other end and Gawd I ran like I had never run before, hiding my face.

Sydney is multi- cultured place and till now I haven’t seen many Australians around. Whoever I assume to be Australian turns out to be either Irish or British. The suburb where I live has mostly Korean population. There are Korean food stalls, Korean markets and Korean people all around. It’s like living in a Walking-talking Korean movie. :D Have been stuffing myself with salmon and prawns sushi ever since :D
During the first few days, the winter cold was brutal mostly because I didn’t bring enough winter clothing (but still managed to pack all my quilling tools :P ). I had made a small cocoon of huge blankets in the bed and would come out only if necessary. Yeah I went into a temporary hibernation. :P The temperature drops to 5 degrees at night sometimes. But it’s quite pleasant these days with the sun occasionally showing up. The summer would fall in Dec and Jan.

I don’t remember how many times I have bumped into poles and people, stumbled and staggered while figuring out constellations in the night sky. The southern hemisphere sky-map is completely different from northern hemisphere. There are stars I have never seen before, shapes I have never known before. Biker is of no help, again. He lets me hit lamp-posts saying, “This is a free world. If you want to hit your head while walking, go ahead!!!”
That’s the view from my Office 😀

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