Bondi Beach, Sydney

It had been two years since I had visited any beach. So as soon as I figured out the directions to Bondi Beach from my place, I dragged my husband along with me to walk along the sea-shore again.

Google maps are a huge help to the direction-handicapped people like me. All you need to do is get into the right bus 🙂 I took the bus from Darling Harbour, but a train too goes directly to Bondi Junction.

Clean white sand, the crashing waves, it was a delightful winter afternoon in Sydney, a huge respite from the cold and damp weather.

A street artist playing with fire

9 thoughts on “Bondi Beach, Sydney

  1. @Priya
    Hope you enjoy your trip 😀

    thank you so much 😀

    yeah the water was pretty cold. Didn't go for swim this time, bt maybe later on 🙂

    48 degree C !!! are you fricking kidding me!!! the way the temp. drops these days can't believe it can go that high!!!

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