Life – Laugh it off!!

On my way to the office, the bus drives past them everyday – walls pasted with giant Kannada Movie Posters. And every time somehow I am able to connect to the emotions expressed in the posters although I have no idea what’s written on it. Seriously these characters must be written by a ginormous  group of Angry birds.

So here’s pictorial journey to the range of emotions I feel as a Java Developer (and I am pretty sure many would be able to relate to it :)). 


Before training period

After Training

Before joining a Project


How I fix the Bugs…
 yeahhhh dishooom dishoommm dishooommm

Off to Manager’s Cubicle to ask for Release

Manager’s Reaction 

When testing team starts raising defects on my fixes.

And Finally, when the Project is over 😀

All images source – Google

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