2 thoughts on “Just Begun

  1. First of all I am sorry to be posting what may be a random garbage to you like an

    intruder. But please go through this and help us.


    This is a rather tragic story of some helpless employees working in C-DAC, Trivandrum

    a government of India organisation under DeiTY. Please help us by spreading or

    posting some advice. Please do not see this as abogus post or the one intended for

    'hits'. Please spread.

    As we have said in the post, its impossible for us to go against the management

    openly as it will cost our jobs. We are not permanent employees. We are just on

    contract. They can just let us go today if they want. And most of us being only

    'employed ones' from our family, we cannot afford to lose our jobs. So as we said an

    open protest is difficult even if legally. But as you said its ridiculous that a

    central govt org is doing this. Yes, they are and have been doing this sort of things

    as ths org is not that much in public domain. Most of the public dont even know such

    an org exists. So thats why we are seeking public help to spread awareness of things

    happening. Once its in the public they will feel threatened. And as we cannot

    possibly bring this out in the public [as it will cost our jobs] we ask for social

    media help. Thanks again.

    Twitter – https://twitter.com/Gopu45526676

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