[Bakwas]:Life – As I know it

We are in the midst of packing up our things and moving to a
new place. I being a “tension box” since 1980’s gave the job to Biker and decided
to go out, have some girly time with my friends. Strangely, Biker agreed, maybe
because he didn’t want a paranoid neurotic person jumping around the house
while the movers-and-packers guys are packing up the things or maybe because I
am no good. Seriously, this month my histrionics have reached epic high. My Mom
travelled every 3 years with dad, dragging along luggage and her truck-full of
plants all over India. I don’t even want to start thinking how she managed. She’s
God. I am not. My brains “disapparate” the
moment I realize we are moving. 

But, now this is a big but, by the time I returned,
everything was gone. We had decided on sending 5 items to his hometown but
literally everything was gone. My complete book collection – even the ones I
hadn’t read, my diaries (god forbid if anyone reads them), all the clothes
except for the ones I wear to office, my craft work, my shoes. I didn’t even
try to find out what remained. Left with a “phata-purana” chappal for office
and exactly one pair of clothes to wear at home, I decided to call it a day. 

And no, my brain decided it was best to leave my head vacant
for the night.

Sunday was fun. Went to Nandi hills with college friends,
watched “Ye Jawani hai deewani” and cried buckets every-time Farooq Sheikh said
the exact words my Dad says. It’s strange how you could relate to a candy floss Bollywood movie, portraying exact emotions that you feel. Or maybe my brains
just haven’t returned after the night out. Whatever the critics say, I loved

The evening presented a beautiful rainbow painted across the


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