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Being at home means absolute bliss. I know that’s a cliche now. But still I just can’t stop chattering about how perfect the weather was, or how finger licking good was the food or how fun it is to have a pet who listens to all your commands. There was rain and sunshine and even the garden lizard seem to be awaiting my return. Bringing to you some photos from Assam.

And Biker seemed to have found a new friend 🙂
I must have blogged about my Grandmother’s home in Madhupur gazillion times. All my cousins get to meet up only during special occasions.

This visit was even more entertaining as it was the first time I was visiting home after my marriage. 

Rongali Bihu marks the start of our new year. I have mentioned here how the children would dance and sing and bless the household.

rongali bihu assam
These were the first bunch of bihutoli that visited grandma’s home. My cousin brother seemed to get into the mood, brought the Dhol from my uncle’s home and started playing it. No he doesn’t know how to play it. He could have used a cooking vessel as well 


rongali bihu assam
But that’s when the fun began. My Dad joined the Bihu gang of little kids, one by one my Aunts, uncles, cousins and even my grandma came out and started dancing Bihu. Biker too
took the instrument from a kid and started playing something or the other. It was fun to watch them laughing and dancing together – to watch the true essence of celebrating a festival, being a family and enjoying moments.

After the delicious lunch consisting of fish curry, desi chicken and mixed veg. we all went for a walk, in my uncle’s tea garden. The area has become unsafe now as leopards, elephants and small tigers frequently visit the place.

assam tea garden
You see the shed in the first Bihu picture where the car is parked, a herd of elephants had eaten manure that was stored there just the day before our visit. As people are encroaching on Animal’s land, they are encroaching on ours too.
The tea garden looked as beautiful and as serene as it could.
assam tea garden

The sun was setting when we started from Madhupur.
A day later we visited my maternal uncle’s home. The place still looks the same. Biker tried catching a fish from my uncle’s fishery, but after looking at the bait he let my brother do it. They did catch a fish, a small one though.

assam fishery
Stay Tuned for more 🙂

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  1. Oh how lovely! Have been dreaming and even planning vacations to the NE for so long now. Have visited Sikkim 6 years ago and that's about it. Hope it happens soon 🙂

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