Handmade Flowers – Quilling

I will have to shift to a new place soon, so was clearing up my craft zone. It took me 4 hours and heartburns to finally decide what to keep, what to send home and what to throw!!! Oh the horrors of shifting has just begun.
Well I found a whole bunch of quilling flowers which I had not used anywhere 🙂 I made these using paper strips. These handmade paper flowers can be used as gifts or scrapbook accessories.
The below are my favorite paper creations. But love the color combination. After lot of trial and error I finally got the colors right 🙂

One thought on “Handmade Flowers – Quilling

  1. Wow these flowers are so lovely. They dont look like paper flowers. I thought they were made with needle and thread. Why dont you write the method of making them. I would surely love to learn.

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