Bratty Kids – One Picture From My Photo Album

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Paper boats and sticky pink candies,
splashing puddles  and jumping off trees,
kabbadi, cricket or driving mom insane,
Dad always watched from  a safe distance, 

Flickering images from yester-years,
memories that my heart holds dear,
Looking back, I laugh for a while,
relishing again those summer smiles.

I remember my siblings and I suffered from constant hair loss, because of all the pulling and kicking we used to get involved in.
“You ate my Maggii!!!” – dhaam dhoom dishum
“You stole my jeans!!!” – Bhamm bhoomm
“You used my shampoo!!!” – chapaatt!!!
We were a crazy bunch of military brats, driving each other insane.
There isn’t much age difference between us; a reason why we are each other’s best friends, worst enemies and partners-in-crime too. 
This photograph is the dearest of all, clicked by my dad about 15 years ago. We were as usual playing one of our brutal games – Kabbadi in our garden. The only problem was – how to play Kabbadi with three people? Dad immediately chose to be referee.  He was intelligent enough not to get involved in our games. We were a bunch of fierce kids … guuraaawwww. Finally we decided that each time one became the intruder, the other two would become catcher. Yeah, that’s how we named the team.
When three hot headed kids play a game like this, it is bound to get ugly 😛 Fortunately Dad broke up us before we did any permanent damage. 😛

I miss those times, the arguments, fights, chats over a cup of tea. I don’t know if we will be able to relish these moments again. 
Guess what my brother is planning to gift me from his first salary. Emami cream – to compensate for all the creams, shampoos and lip gloss he stole from me.
I nominate – Sree, Meghana and Kalyan to write on the topic.
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