[Bakwas]::Of Birthdays and Learnings::

I am still hung up on my childhood. 🙂
This is yours truly and she’s a year older on 23rd May. {no no no}

So what have I learn in the past 1 year

1) Having KFC’s chicken wrap in an insanely hungry stomach isn’t such a good idea. I can figuratively see the fats deposit in my double chin.

2) I need bigger palm to ride bikes. A deep scar on my leg proves riding Avenger isn’t my cup of tea. Sigh!!!

3) Cooking potato is really tricky, leave them unattended for a minute and you will find the pan and the potatoes in tight embrace.

4) It is advisable to clean all the dust in the room with a broom before sweeping with a Mopper. Gawd!!! the mess I create while cleaning.

5) I can throw some serious creepy looks that can make Biker cringe. Push me off the cliff and I will show you with my fist. 😛

6) I have got banana-fingers. Last time I tried to be careful while cleaning a glass tumbler, it cracked right there in my hands.

7) The method of preparing Methi is NOT similar to Palak. All you will get is a bitter curry of leaves.

8) Mom knows best. Mom knows Everything. Mom knows the secret of the universe. Any attempt to doubt that will lead to serious consequences.

9) Dad can still be melted with my puppy dog look. Although my hubby is “puppy dog look proof”. And to top it all he thinks it’s stupid. I know it’s stupid that’s why it works!!! huh. 😛

10) Well, I am still Destiny’s Child 🙂 {touch wood} She wants me confused, so I am eternally confused.

Cheers!! …./

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