Quilling Jewelry | Handmade Paper Earrings

I have always wanted to make Quilling jewelry but was not able to find earring hooks, so when one of my friends came to visit she gave me her share of hooks πŸ˜€ and since then I have been making only Quilling earrings πŸ˜€ It’s quite addictive. Β 

To wear something that’s designed by yourself feels awesome πŸ˜€

I gave a lot of these away to my friends as well. I made a few that would match their Salwar-Kurta.

7 thoughts on “Quilling Jewelry | Handmade Paper Earrings

  1. The way you've quilled them, the output doesn't look like it's done with paper. There's no gaps or spaces. Beautiful. I assume they are light weight too! The ink blue and black combination is superb. Do you sell them or is it just for your own use πŸ™‚
    You are too talented girl! WTG!

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