Of Birds and Bees

We usually keep our room window open, as there’s a wide
field near our apartment we let the fresh air circulate within the four walls.
Seems that’s wasn’t such a good idea, especially since it was the onset of

One evening after returning from home I switched on the
lights and saw some bees flying near the mirror.  Naah it didn’t strike me to check from where
they had arrived. I was nonchalantly looking out of the window, combing my hair
when I heard Biker shrieking like crazy, pointing over my head. 

The sight scared the lighting daylights out of me!!! We
couldn’t close the window, so somehow covered it with large cardboard and
thermocol sheets. (A Papercrafter always saves those) 😛 I didn’t have the heart to smoke them out.

Since the bees are sensitive to light, we had to eat out
dinner in dark. Boy!! you should see how berserk they go when we switch on the
light. Just like an angry Roommate.

Luckily these were travelling bees, tired after a long day they
had decided to rest near our window and were gone by the next evening.
And here’s a Quilling – Little Qwly 🙂

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