Of Facebook and SmartA$$ Sister


I had this massive headache since Wednesday night and by Friday my head was ready to explode along with slight chills I was pretty sure I caught the flu. So what next, as soon as I reached home I logged into my FB account through my mobile and updated the status. But the point to be noted is my mobile was getting charged in the hall so I had to sit on the cold hard floor. Shivering and shaking with numb fingers, I updated my FB.

My friend gave me that weird look, shook her head and said, “Yeah the next status would be – I am going to die … Accck!!!”

Holly Molly Dolly

My chit of a sister uses such sophisticated scientific terms during our phone conversation that sometimes I feel it is her deliberate attempt to make me realize how pitifully obsolete my knowledge is. 😛 Last time she explained me Dolly’s DNA (not the Bindra, although her DNA would make an interesting study too, I am talking about the clone) and her interest in doing a thesis on one such topic. I just looked at my code and wondered if I would ever do thesis on Java. Wooohhh the thought itself is scary. {shivers!!!}

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