A Hair-Raising Affair

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I once had, long lustrous tress,
Like the Disney Princess’s possess,
Cascading down my gentle frame,
But now it’s all a different ballgame.

Frizzy, lifeless but standing tall,
refusing to lay, ignoring my call,
And when they split into two,
helpless, hopeless, I withdrew.
Then one day I saw silver line,
over were my days of whine,
I applied Dove, in gallons and tons,
and realized this fight could finally be won.

Parents envision some weird dreams for their kids. In my case, it was this.

This was the dream of my Dad, to turn his little Princess into swashbuckling “hairy something”.
And kudos to my Mom’s perseverance, they succeeded too. My sister got to flaunt all the latest haircuts from mushroom to Pixie cut, while all I got in my plate was a Horse Tail (and quite a long one too).
My Mom must have burned a ton of mustard to ward off evil eyes eyeing my hair. To say that she was obsessed would be a huge understatement.

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Of course I loved the attention, eyes following me as my braid would sashay behind. But long-haired kids have tough childhood. Try playing Kabbadi with my siblings and you would make sure your kids remain bald the rest of their lives. 
Not to mention how many fights I have to forsake. Damn these brothers!! I even once scared the living daylights out of my hostel mate, by walking down the hallway at night with my hair flowing in the wind. 
But thanks to Mom, my hair was gorgeous. No dandruff, no split ends, no rough ends. Just Perfect!!

And then, the good times ended. After moving out, along with me my hair too started growing a mind of its own. Improper diet, highlights and frequent straightening made my head look like a major wreck zone. The “spit ends” was the last nail in the coffin. My Horse tail turned into Horse’s Hay. After contemplating all possible scenarios, I realized – anything is better than the current “Beggar look”. Bearing the pain of thousand daggers slicing through my heart, I decided to let it go.  
The images of my chopped hair haunted me night and day, and I even considered suicide by drowing into the Hebbal “Sewage” Pond. But I stood strong and did the biggest mistake of my life – by going home.  

One look and my mom just went bat-crap crazy.
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 The only reason she was still talking to me was because of my engagement else I was pretty sure the “Belan” she carried around was for my head.

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Your Mom will never forgive you. Never ever ever!!! This was during my last visit and I don’t think she has forgiven me yet. So you can imagine how desperate I was to fix my hair.

I have experimented with all kinds stuffs, from “unpronounceable” shampoos to lemon, honey and even beer (my hair deserve a drink after such rough times). 

The only thing left was doing some Voodoo Mojo. Then I chanced upon Dove Split Ends Rescue System. Two weeks and six washes later, 

->My hair is softer and less frizzy.
->Hair-ends doesn’t make crunchy sound when I rub them
->Braid no longer looks like a ruffled broom.
And I am still counting.

You can see for yourself.

I will be going home in April and I sincerely pray that Dove’s Rescue system will actually rescue my neck. 😉

Having said all of that, on hair and beauty regimes,
Dear Girls always remember, true beauty lies within!!!


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  1. Lovely post…i loved how you make almost an archive of your hair …beautifully written 🙂
    Congrats on the win ^_^ And thank you so much for your lovely wishes on my blog 🙂

  2. Aaah I see! It really is about Dove!!! All the very best. I am sure no one can write a more creative post 🙂 waiting to see you on TV

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