When I fell in love

I never expected a charming prince from far-far-away land to sweep me off my feet. And that didn’t happen either. Instead this Sassy Princess’s path crossed with an unchivalrous Bike-Rider.
Our story started at the lunch table, in a crowded cafeteria, on Martyr’s day. Yeah the occasion couldn’t have been any more cheerful.
Pings, SMS’s and Calls ensued and one fine day after our usual goodnights and sleepwells, he asked me,”How do you say I love you in Assamese?”
“Moi tumak bhal pau”, I said without thinking.
“Yeah, me too sweety”, he replied and disconnected the call.
Bulldozed, that’s how I felt. I stood there in the balcony of my PG, unable to comprehend whatever had just happened.
Of course I tattled the conversation to my sister who went ‘how cute’ ‘oooohh’ ‘aahhhh’ along with other combination of vowels and consonants. But I wasn’t sure whether I felt “fooled” or “impressed”.
4 months down the line, I realized I was in love. What happened or when it happened still baffles me. Unlike other couple we didn’t have a “proposal day” or “I fell in love” day. It was a gradual process. One minute his mischievous eyes would charm me to no end, the next I would feel like frying him like Elish in mustard oil (He hates mustard).
It was in the month of October when I was asked to go on deputation to Kolkata. Eight months had passed since we met and I had not even told that I cared for him.
If falling in love is tough, then saying it aloud is like preparing Consommé on the first day of learning cooking. Expressing feelings was never my forte unless it was in the form of written words. So I penned a blog (how nerd’ish!!) and sent him the link (which when I read now sounds like a mathematical puzzle).  
I knew he didn’t understand a word, which happens to most people who read my poetry, yet he called me that afternoon and said he loved me.
I fumbled, mumbled some nonsense and kept the phone.
The night before I was supposed to leave, I mustered enough courage to sms him. (yeah sms … I know that’s coward!!)
“Missing you” was all I could type. As soon as I sent the message I hid the phone under the pillow. A nervous wreck I was.
It was way past midnight and yet an immediate reply came “I miss u too. Love you.”
“I Love You too”. 
Yeah I finally said it …. or wrote it. That was the first time I had ever said those three little words to someone not related to me. And boy did I feel relieved!!!

I can still remember how my roommates, who were watching all the drama, had turned into a statue, shocked. 
There’s a ritual that we used to perform in our hostel when anyone got engaged. We would drag the girl to the bathroom and each of her friends would pour bucket full of water on her, be it summer or winter. 
So you can pretty much imagine what happened that night in my room.
The next morn, I flew to Kolkata.
For the next couple of months our bills soared crossing the 4 digit mark. Now if you think confessing love is tough, finding topics to talk on was like searching for ShangriLa. Both of us were not the talking types and I had already narrated my childhood incidences of hiding under the bed and boxing my brother more than I can recall. I pestered my committed friends to lend me topics only to be asked the same in turn.
With no resort left I turned to Google Baba – “What to talk about with boyfriend”. Boy!! The search result was comforting. I was not the only one with talking issues.
The problem is our interests are diverse. So diverse that the Union of our sets in Venn diagram would show two separate circles. During those months Airtel and Vodafone raked in thousands for empty soundless phone-calls.
Finally on republic day he came to visit me. We met for the first time after I had voiced my feelings. For two days he stayed and before boarding the flight he said something that stayed with me forever, “Don’t ever leave me”.
Well, I never did.
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12 thoughts on “When I fell in love

  1. Even though i knew your story but still when i read it felt a feel good factor!

    Awesome Princess-Biker!

    Wish you both a Super duper life!

    P.S – i dont rem you telling the google incident 😛

  2. Is it true? At the end you say the post is part of an initiative.

    If its true, congrats and you both are lucky. If its made up, its too good to be made up 🙂

  3. awwww wkdam cuteee posttt 🙂 and fhullllll of feeelingsss 😀 I could actually imagine it all 😀
    wish you both a lovely life together 🙂 loved it 😀

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