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Quilling or Filligiri – It was sometime during April that I chanced upon the beautiful and fascinating art of Quilling. A Google search on images and technique was enough to inspire me and since then I have been glued to this art.

Quilling involves rolling and shaping up strips of paper to form a pattern like a flower or a tree. Beginers can practise some basic shapes like leaf, tight coil which are explained in  wiki – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quilling
I have been asked by many on how to start with the art. When I started I didn’t have quilling paper or the tool. And I had no idea where to find them.

I used to paint A4 size paper, cut them into thin strips and use a toothpick to roll them. It was later on did I find the products online for eg. in homeshop18.com , a kit comes with paper, quilling tool and cardstock. Here’s the first card I made.
And few more,

I would say the art requires a lot of creativity along with steady hands especially if you want to attempt Quilling Letters or words. I started with simple designs like birds, flowers and later on started making miniatures.

One technique that I follow to make letters is by drawing a thin outline with a pencil, then I apply glue on the outline and only after that I place the paper, vertically. You would need patience as well as skilled hands to make sure your paper doesn’t get stained by the adhesive. Gum Stains are one of the major problems I have faced. Always keep a cup of water with you so that you can clean your hands and give your work a clean look.

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  1. Interesting… We received a quilling kit as a gift and it is lying as it is!! With these tips and help from google/wiki… will ask the sonny boy to explore it! 😀

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