Travel Diktats

Travelling is one of the popular passions that people are pursuing these days, to explore new cultures, visit new places, bask in the glory of natural wonders that we once read about in our school text books and to some extend get an excuse to show off in Facebook to gain popularity. With the betterment of financial conditions and rise in multinational companies, crossing seven seas is no longer a distant dream.

Malaysia and Bangkok have become the most favored places family tours while Andaman Nicobar is my favorite destination which offers both scenic beauty and adventurous activities like snorkeling and deep sea diving. Switzerland will always be the favorite of honeymooners but I find Norway fascinating as you can watch the midnight sun and northern lights – two of the most fascinating natural phenomenon.

Before travelling it is always advisable to sketch a proper plan, especially while visiting outside the country. A thorough research of the tourist places, culture, rules and regulation and knowledge of political scenario is compulsory before landing on the foreign soil. One should also be aware of scams or incidences of when tourists were duped by local businessmen.

There are many sites offering these services. A Google search would provide the best travel websites from where you can avail the services starting from planning the trip, cost, locations and accommodation. It is always safe to involve the best travel agents for planning a trip to foreign locales. Money shouldn’t be a factor when one wants to enjoy a secured and relaxed trip.

All in all, these trips are not only refreshing and help us to spend some quality time with friends and loved one, but also act as an opportunity for learning and understanding the world where we live in.

3 thoughts on “Travel Diktats

  1. Travelling is the new passion. Along with all the factors that you mentioned for its rise, I guess the ease with which we can get information from the internet is what makes it so popular. We can plan an entire vacation in a days time just by sitting in front of a Laptop! (except for the visa application, of course). We rarely use travel agents. But we do call up the hotels in advance to confirm our bookings and travel dates. Discovering a new place on our own is the best part of the trip for us. 🙂

  2. True, travelling is the new hobby that everyone is pursuing with great zeal and gusto! Right from discovering our own country to the foreign shores, the Indians are travelling everywhere!!

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