[Shave or Crave]::The Eternal Stubble Struggle::

“My face will have pot holes resembling craters on moon”, I said, exasperated.
“Honey, I thought you already have those”, he said, in his usual cheeky yet charming tone.

Well that’s usually how the conversation ends with my husband regarding his evening stubble. I am pretty sure like all other teenage boys he must have experimented with his dad’s kit, foaming up and trimming up those barely visible hair follicles. So what happened after he grew up? Even more challenging is to cure my man’s hallucination that he looks “effing fexy “ with stubble. Agreed, Ian Somerhalder looks extremely drool worthy in one, but then I don’t have to canoodle him.

I have seen Dad, an army man, relaxing at home, letting evening stubble grow during the weekends. But one stare from my Hitler Mom and Dad would be scampering towards the mirror with a razor.

Oh how I wish that my stare would produce the same effect. Just the other day after I nagged and tried aping my mom’s iconic stare, he grinned and made sure that his stubble left probably permanent imprints on my face. {rolling eyes} Guys they just don’t grow up.

“Your cactus growth is proving highly injurious to my satin silk skin?”, I complained, haughtily, applying an extra layer of Boro Plus on my bruised cheeks.
“You mean your Rhino-skin?” Dang!!!

He has tried it all – be it a Goatee, French beard, The Singham/Dabang style combined with Abhishek Bacchan’s Dhoom look and is still researching for more. He didn’t even get the cue when one of my best friends gifted him an after shave lotion.

Even more concerning is the direct effect his manager has on his stubble growth. One office mishap and I get to bear the brunt of hairy attack for a fortnight. He does shave in the morning, but just enough to keep some remnants which by evening turns into a full blown mutation of hair and poison ivy.

So I am left to the mercy of my intellect and shrewd brainwashing :P, even if that means I have to stamp down my vanity. 😛

Tactic 1:

“This color would have made you look fairer than me. Too bad your stubble is ruining your style”, I would say matter-of-factly. He would look in the mirror at least three times before heading towards the bathroom.

Ting!! Score!!

I take full advantage of his crave to have the best look in town. Bad Bad me. 😉

Tactic 2:

“Mom’s going to visit next week”.

Mom’s icy comments on facial hair are not just limited to my Dad and Brother. And he has been on the receiving end for a couple of times. This makes sure that the stubble is gone for at least a month.

Tactic 3:

The cruellest of all – I uploaded his hairy picture in FB, tagged my sister and let her unleash the wrath in comment section. After all, saali aadhi gharwali 😛 The stubble was gone for a considerable amount of time.

Tactic 4:

I would rub my rough dry feet on his feet.

“It’s exactly how your sandpaper hugs feel like Honey”. This would irritate him to no end. And I am quite persistent when it comes to irritating people. Craving for a proper sleep and peace, he would do away with the stubble.
Well the funda is pretty simple Dear,
Shave or Crave


Gillette presents a wide variety of shaving products for men, be it double edged razors or fusion 5 in 1. So go on, let your woman know how smooth you can be. {umm that’s sounds corny} Anyway you got the drift 😉

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