Diary of a Bride :: The Semiya Formulation ::

My housekeeping skills aren’t something that I can boast about, as for cooking … well let’s not just get into that. So the other day I thought of preparing sweet semiya – hubby’s favorite. His mom had packed home-made vermicelli while we were coming back to Bangalore. They actually make those semiya strands at home!!! It will take me another birth to even explore that field. Currently that’s just off my syllabus. :P

So one Sunday morning I woke up early. You see mental preparation is necessary before the commencement of such activities. I neatly arranged the utensils, ghee, dry fruits, milk on the table. The only problem was I didn’t know what to do next. :P

I have often seen mom preparing it, but the order of adding ingredients is beyond my understanding. While I was staring into the wok thinking hard, hubby came into the kitchen.

“Do you even know how to prepare semiya?”. There he was with a mocking smile plastered on his face :P

I don’t know what kind of expression I was wearing, but the next moment he took the spoon from my hand and started adding ghee into the wok.

“Watch and learn” he said, of course in a condescending tone. 😛

Within twenty minutes a creamy semiya was ready. The whole time I was standing there watching the hocus pocus he was doing while preparing the dish.

It was like those times when you ask your Team lead to explain a code, and he ends up coding the complete functionality because you are too stupid to follow what he was saying. Yeah exactly like that :P

Oh by the way semiya isn’t one of my favorite dishes, or for that matter anything that’s sweet. But then what not you have to do for love.

3 thoughts on “Diary of a Bride :: The Semiya Formulation ::

  1. I can empathize with you, Raj!
    Yes, you need to do a lot for love!!
    Hope you got the recipe now and would do it the right way next time!!
    Happy learning and happy cooking! 🙂

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