Diary of a bride:: Kitchen Katastrophes::

Life isn’t that different but the feeling sinks in when an empty kitchen stares back at me. Yeah, the war is on and it’s time to embrace kitchen-Katastrophes, once again.

I tell you, there’s a huge conspiracy going on. Somehow all the curries I prepare taste the same – be it cauliflower, mushroom, capsicum, cabbage.  So what if I just know one procedure to cook vegetables, at least they should retain their essence.

Being the good bride, I tried helping my co-sister in the kitchen. She asked me to slice 3 onions. By the time 2 were done, in the worst possible shapes and size, I was totally blind. Teary eyes, running nose, not the kind of picture I had in my mind to maska-marofy my in-laws :P . My co-sister sliced the third one while I tried to get back my visibility at the sink.

Quilling and Origami will take a break , now that I have to Google for new recipes. They make them sound so simple. Add this, add that and voila – a picture perfect dish is ready. But in real, the onions always turn a shade darker. And what kind of color is golden brown? The tomatoes become too squishy. Plus they never mention about the strange burning smell that accompanies it, which more often than not makes Biker open all the doors and windows while I go into a sneezing fit.

I tried preparing tea at home which was so strong that my mom’s gastric juices started somersaulting. So this time I made it light which made biker look at me and say – “The tea is still raw”. Now he’s a sweetheart, he did drink it all, but I never dared to pick the tea packet again :P. For the general safety and health of the household such hazards must be avoided. :P
Anyone watched Frivolous Wife (Korean movie)? After marriage I was kind of living it. :P A Rom-com which I recommend to all the young brides.

8 thoughts on “Diary of a bride:: Kitchen Katastrophes::

  1. Your experience and experiments as a new bride reminded me of the days when I first entered the kitchen more than 50 years ago. If something got burnt I used to throw it in the dustbin.Oh God!! I wwas so foolish. Now I am considered to be an excellent cook.

  2. Tea is 'raw'… ha ha ha!!! That's cute. I have to agree with you though on how all recipes make it all sound so easy. It NEVER EVER turns out the way they say it will.

  3. Funny to hear your struggles as a new bride in the kitchen. Good you can poke humour at it. I can certainly relate and have had my share of tasteless and burnt meals over the years. I still don't see myself as a great cook but I'm a bit better. Practice does help. I'd love to know how to make all those delicious Indian meals. Luckily we have a friend from Bangladesh who is a great cook and she treats us to wonderful dishes every few months.

  4. hahaha

    tales of newbie 😉

    no worries dear…. you are still good!!

    I didnt really knew the cauliflower and cabbage difference for me all where gobhi 😉

  5. Oh my! Dont worry! All brides go through this phase! But practice you must and the onions or the burnt potatoes must not deter you from innovating and experimenting in the kitchen!! All the very best!! 🙂

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