::Let there be light::

Now that the monster power shut down has rigged the northern and eastern parts of India, you never know when it would hit the southern states. So what to do when the power’s out? Clueless huh!!

How about living a life the “90’s style”?
Write a diary. Oh don’t worry, it’s as simple as typing a Word document, you just need a Pen and a Paper. Go on scribble. See if you can still spell “Obedient” correctly 😛
Practice calligraphy – the dying art of beautiful handwriting. Is your n any different from m , w and v ?
For a change cook food. I mean food and not Maggie, although on second thoughts Maggie should be declared as the national food of India.
Talk. This task requires the use of vocal chords. Just use your voice to say the things you type and the facial muscles would take over the function of emoticons. Pretty easy huh.
Go for a stroll in a garden. It’s same as roaming around the Cityville or Farmville. No difference I promise.
Want some music? Remember the massive tape recorder. Massive compared to the mini ipods you got. They would never betray you. Get a pair of batteries, dig your dad’s collection of music cassettes and enjoy the everlasting love songs of Mr India and Phool aur Kaante.
And you thought you would die without the dammed electricity.
{Psss let me publish this before the battery in my laptop gives away}
So what would you do if power failure hits your city?

6 thoughts on “::Let there be light::

  1. I would simply sleep, Dream. And at times I become a Jesus when there is no power or TV ! But the really best thing you could do if you have a bike and 17 BHP is to go for a ride @ 120 Kmph (minimum) have wind in the hair and fall down somewhere ! 🙂 Hey nice write up btw. Long time since I read you (my fault)

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  3. I would go out and do things that i have been wanting to do , what we used to do when we were kids , run amock 🙂 play games meet friends and chilllll

    it might be a blessing if electricity goes away for a week or two 🙂


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