[Travelogue] The Road Trip 2 – Goa

continued from Road trip part 1

We had started early the next morn, but after 2 hours and travelling 160 kms we realized that we were heading the wrong way. We were at Udupi. I won’t say it was waste as the view from Bhatkal to Udupi was beautiful. We might have crossed around 6-7 bridges, the water bodies look absolutely serene and breathtaking.

Marvanthe beach on the way to Udupi.

For a distance, NH17 runs between the Marvanthe beach and another water body.

After 4 hours, we were back on track. It was 12 pm by the time we started heading to Karwar. The roads are in excellent condition except at few places near the ghats.

The road to Goa runs up and down the western ghats.

We reached Panaji by 4pm, rented a cab and went straight for Jet skiing at Dona Beach. (fees 200/ head)

Watched sunset over Mandovi River.
The next day was extremely thrilling and adventurous that started with an underwater struggle and finished off by flying high in the sky :D  

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