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It had been raining since the day I reached my hometown. A respite from the scorching and smoke filled skies of Bangalore. I was hardly able to adjust to the freezing cold for first two days. Years of staying in hottest part of the country does that to you :P
Delightful weather and delicious food – a perfect setting for the onset of new year, for a festival of dance and colors – Rongali Bihu


A Spring Bloom
Kopou Phool, also called Foxtail Orchid, is an integral part of Bihu and also the state flower of Assam. It blooms in April,  marking the onset of Spring.
During the two days of celebration, Bihu Toli – consisting of young and old visit neighbors in groups. Dressed in traditional attire, with dhol and pepa they dance in every house, singing songs of merriment. It’s a beautiful sight to see these little wonders showcasing their talent. Rongali Bihu in Assam is filled with joy and laughter. 
Later the children offer blessings as the host presents them with gifts or money. This is the part I love the most. It’s wonderful to listen to the tiny tots blessing the household. 
Merrymaking gang of Tiny-tots :D


Another slightly older group of  kids from the area visited us soon after. 

They come and go,  spreading their infectious energy and liveliness.

And they blessed our family too 😀


To me Bihu is a synonym for get-together – A gang of cousins chattering over a cup of tea, munching rice-cakes and indulging in photo-shoots. Not to forget to provide tips on life saving matters like how to knuckle under an angry girlfriend. True story 😅
Meleng Tea Estate on the way to Grandmother’s house.

Walking long these paths with my family and cousins, among acres of tea plantation, so many memories have been created and cherished.

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  1. Flower shots are beautiful! These little people dressed like adults are so so lovely! I liked that cute little girl in saree with big red bindi! It's a nice tradition…
    Lovely tea plantations!!

  2. Somehow missed your blog. Been very busy lately. Happy Bihu. Its a nice and welcome break from the dust and heat of Bangalore. Bangalore was not like this before; I am sad…

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