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It had been raining since the day I reached my hometown. A respite from the scorching and smoke filled skies of Bangalore. I was hardly able to adjust to the freezing cold for first two days. Years of staying in hottest part of the country does that to you :P
Delightful weather and delicious food – a perfect setting for the onset of new year, for a festival of dance and colors – Rongali Bihu

A Spring Bloom
Kopou Phool, also called Foxtail Orchid, is an integral part of Bihu and also the state flower of Assam.

During the two days of celebration, Bihu Toli – consisting of young and old visit neighbors in groups. Dressed in traditional attire, with dhol and pepa they dance in every house, singing songs of merriment. It’s a beautiful sight to see these little wonders.
Later the children offer blessings as the host presents them with gifts or money.
Merrymaking gang of Tiny-tots :D

Another slightly older group dancing and singing away

And they blessed our family too :P

To me Bihu is a synonym for get-together – A gang of cousins chattering over a cup of tea, munching rice-cakes and photo-shoots. Not to forget to provide tips on life saving matters like how to knuckle under an angry girlfriend :P
Meleng Tea Estate on the way to Grandmother’s house.

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  1. Flower shots are beautiful! These little people dressed like adults are so so lovely! I liked that cute little girl in saree with big red bindi! It's a nice tradition…
    Lovely tea plantations!!

  2. Somehow missed your blog. Been very busy lately. Happy Bihu. Its a nice and welcome break from the dust and heat of Bangalore. Bangalore was not like this before; I am sad…

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