[Travelogue]::The Road Trip 1 (Shimoga)::

I took Friday off and went for a long weekend, watched the magnificent Jog Falls, chased dolphins, jet skiing, parasailing, river cruise, glorious sunsets and enjoyed a delicious Portuguese and Goan lunch.

Ever since a friend mentioned Shimoga in his blog, I was obsessed, possessed by the beautiful images the internet search resulted in. So on Thursday morning – 26th Jan, we started at 7am to Shimoga from Bangalore, a distance of about 360 km.
The road we took was NH4->NH206 i.e – Blore -> Tumkur-> Shimoga.
{Ye hai India meri Jaan, a sheep crammed between two Oxen}
By 1pm we were still 25 km from Shimoga when we came across B R P Dam near Kuvempu university located about 11 km from the mainroad.

A set of stairs would take you to the entrance.
Oh if only I could own an island like this. Sigh.

{I was trying to capture the shimmering water :D }
We roamed around for a while and by 2pm we started for Jog waterfalls which is about 105 km from Shimoga.
It was well past 4pm when we reached the Jog Falls created by Sharavathi river, which is the second largest plunge waterfall in India. First being Naukhalikai Falls in Shillong, Meghalaya.

About 1400 steps (approx 50 floors … yeah I did the Math :P) will take you the base of the waterfall. We took around 5 minutes to descend the stairs, almost ran the whole way. My legs were shaking by the time we reached the base. After crossing huge rocks and boulders, a peaceful and picturesque view welcomed us.

{The gushing waterfall }
The ascend was hmm how should I put it … well I felt like jumping down rather than going up. In case you plan to visit the place, get a good pair of shoes and some exercise. I would have given an arm and leg for someone to carry me. I took 20 minutes to reach the top – 20 ghastly, traumatic, mind numbing minutes. But worth it.

By the time we started from Jog falls, it was 7 pm. We continued our jouney towards Goa which was about 280 km from there. The sky looked exceptionally bright and the Orion constellation was never so clear. Moon was shining like a torch light, while Venus and Jupiter smiled on.
Tired and hungry we decided to rest for the night at a place called Bhatkal
The road from bangalore to shimoga was in good condition, but there wasn’t much of scenic views.
We had started early the next morn, but after 2 hours and travelling 160 kms we realized that we were heading the wrong way. :P
… stay tuned :D
** I am not very good at describing things, this is my poor attempt at writing a travelogue. :P

7 thoughts on “[Travelogue]::The Road Trip 1 (Shimoga)::

  1. Shimoga is so beautiful and divine. The first time I heard about it was in one of my favorite movie, Agneepath released in the 90s and it's only now that you piqued my interest, Rajlakshmi.

  2. Hi !! Very good photos and as always your words bring life too to these photos . Make me want to travel ! but you missed out on one very important thing .. What was your ride ? did you go in a car ? or bike ? did you drive yourself ? or you were chauffeur driven

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  4. OH MY GOD.. moment for me .. This is beautiful

    I would love to see them sometime , blogging is good I have got to know of so many places that i have on my wish list ..

    looking forward to the next one..


  5. One of my friend is from Shimoga, and she used to show me pictures. These unspoilt mountain ranges and water are so beautiful and tranquil! And so does Jog falls! And one can't say this is your first travelogue! You've totally induced the readers 🙂

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