::Dad’s 4Am Walk::

A strict diet plan, morning walk for an hour and in two months my dad lost 10 kgs. His Santa Claus Belly has long tuned into a Salman Khan toned waist though, though still bulgy on the side :P . Ohh the horror, when he pointed out that my horizontal measure is soon gonna overtake his. With the pumpkin size growth that my body is showing off late, my future seems all round and chubby.
Few months back his cholesterol, pressure and sugar level shot up. My dad has always maintained a healthy living lifestyle {something which I failed to inherit} and so he charted out a plan to bring it back to the normal level.
Two Roti or 1 cup rice + dal or vegetable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus milk and sprouts in between and of course regular exercise.
Now it is this Morning Walk at 4am that has stirred up the Hati Boruah household. Each morning he would wake up mom and ask if it is 4 am. Mom with her sleepy eyes would mumble a reply and doze off. This would continue till he receives a proper reply. Why he won’t just look up his watch, beats me.
I too got a dose of Dad’s morning obsession with walking when I was at home last november :P. We were at my Nisa’s place (Mother’s brother). I was happily lost in my dreams of Edward and our Vampireville :D when Edward abruptly asked
“4 baj gaye kiya?” (Is it 4 am?) and that was it. Being a light sleeper is terrible. :roll:
With burning eyes I looked up at the watch.
“Papa 2 baje, so jao na” {Dad it’s 2 am. Please go to sleep} I mumbled from the other bed. Mahi (mother’s sister), who was sleeping next to me had woken up by that time.
After half an hour or so.
Is it 4 am?
“Nahi. 2 baje hai. Sou jao Please” {No, it’s 2 am. Please sleep} This time it was Mahi.
It continued till 4 when finally my Mahi and Dad went for the darned morning walk :roll: , while I just stared at them, with burning eyes of sleeplessness. It was after a while when I could sleep peacefully. Edward had long gone and my dreams now showed all the poultry I ate the previous night.

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10 thoughts on “::Dad’s 4Am Walk::

  1. Oh wow, at 4 a.m.! Such dedication! But, why at such an ungodly hour if he seems to have difficulty knowing the time without waking everyone else up in the household, including light sleepers like you – don't you just hate that?! 😉 I hope he is able to have his internal alarm clock wake him up soon….. 🙂 <3

  2. Really oh thats good .. I think thats whats wrong with me I cant stick to the diet .. I can evercise and do all that no problems .. BUt food i cant give up on and 4am wow now thats really good , I thought me getting up at 5 was good but He beat me to that …


  3. Your father is glued to his plan, and is looking forward for it everyday! But why does he go for walk at 4 am?
    Well written!! And Edward in dream!! ahem ahem!!

  4. Simply wonderful! You made a "cultural" story that makes all cultures share the experience and smile. [Because of your talent to do what all should do…make it universal]

  5. It is the anxiety. He feels very storngly about the early morning walk and is anxious about missing it. How about gifting him one of those alarm clocks that start very lightly and the sound increases slowly? I also think that once he will be relaxed about it, his body will automatically wake him at the right time, without his getting paranoid about it!

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