Witchy Witch witch | Halloween Shape Poem

Update – Aug 2020: I went a little overboard with my creativity while writing this Shape Poem. Now that I look at it again, it feels more like Halloween shape poem. I wrote ‘Witchy witch witch’ for one of my close friends Anuradha, lovingly called Chudel Chamari.

I tried to capture her energy in the words. We used to constantly tease her about propective grooms back then. She is happily married now and recently gave birth to a baby girl.

We are still very good friends, constantly chatting on Whatapps and sharing stories from our lives.

I hope you enjoy reading this poem. I especially enjoyed writing the bit about the cat. I made this visual in MS Paint. I didn’t have any software at that time and found MS Paint very easy to use.

It’s been many years since I used MS Paint. We have so many more options available now. I hope I get to explore new software and try writing more shape poems.

halloween shape poem

Halloween shape poem – Click on the image for proper view

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