::Potpourri & Schizophrenia ::

…continued from  – Potpourri 2011 here
Thumbs down
1) A family reunion at Mahi’s marriage – only time when we all were together. Come this February and it will be a year since I have met my brother and sister. Doesn’t make a happy picture.
2) Just as I was getting into the New Year mood, I lost one of my gold earrings. And that’s not even the scary part. It’s the wrath of Mommy that makes my heart cringe in fear. I need to replace that ASAP. :P
3) Now this point featured in last year’s thumbs down list too – my temper. If you push me over the edge, I am as princessy as Mad Eye Moody. It’s like Dr Jekyll and Miss Horror trapped in one.
Ok, now I am really clueless on what next to add in Thumbs down list. Maybe this is one reason why all the weird things happen to me, I never complain :P Sheh, I am taking the concept of adaptability a little too far :P

At one point of time, last year I actually believed that I was having Schizophrenia attacks. Scared the hell out of me. Every day, for one whole month, I saw this man in black suit standing under a tree reading newspaper. His bag tucked in the trunk of the tree. My bus always crossed that junction at around 8:30 am and I always found him reading a newspaper. Shrewd small eyes, dark completion, a crop of grey hair at the top of this head. Same dress, same expression, same place, same time.
I was never so scared in my life. Maybe it was the effect of watching The Beautiful Mind recently. The first thought that came to my mind was- Is he a spy?
After a month, when my friend too joined me in Bangalore, I showed her the mysterious man and asked if she could see him :P Only when she replied positive that I could sigh a heave of relief.
I still see that man and sometimes  wonder if my friend actually saw him :P

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  1. I'm not very good at keeping gold too! Schizophrenia??? Ohh that does sound really scarry to me! Wonder how u managed! Hope all's well now 🙂

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