::Potpourri 2011::

As dawns a new year, it’s time for Resolutions and Retrospection. I would rather go with retrospection, resolution requires a lot of hardwork :P Here’s my list of “Thumbs up”

1) I am pretty much satisfied with all the travelling I did last year and with the number of places that got ticked off from my list, I am a happy Traveler. The year started with me watching the gorgeous sunset at Kanyakumari, clicking lovely waterfalls of Kerala and enjoying ThirunelvelliHalwa. While in May I was facing the brutal summer of Nagpur where my bones were on the brink of turning into a molten state. A respite was found at Hyderabad where I met my best friend after 8 long years :D
Pondicherry and Mahaballipuram were still the most preferred weekend getaways. A month later I got transferred to Bangalore from Chennai. Now how could I possibly resist enjoying the long winding roads and misty mountains of Ooty and Coorg. The exquisite carvings of MysorePalace still amaze me.
And just when I thought I can close my travel diary, jumped in the opportunity to visit Kanpur, where my roommate for the past four years, was getting married. Packed my bags and off I went for Delhi Darshan marveling at the architecture of Red fort and India Gate.
2) Origami fever reached its zenith as I fervently searched for new diagrams and models. Now when Google search shows some of my origami creations, the amateur artist in me is happy happy:D
3) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy – now this is one series that is mindblowingly awesome. And I am glad that I happen to read it.
4) New workplace, new technology, hike, winning entriespublished work, appreciation mails – life never ceased to provide learning and accolades – learning from work, accolades from blog :P
5) The LR conversation was brimming with insanity – Tinger and Kalyan fighting over same lady love, “Hiding Gays in closet” is our typomaster Chudel, “No one’s good enough “ for Soundu, Sammy and RK’s sizzling love stories, Tales of Sree, PP and Rakhi, Rohini’s “international” conphusions, special appearance by “only Dates Model” Danny – One place where being crazy is compulsory. Suits me :P
6) Family reunion at Mahi’s marriage :D – Mommy’s persistence on tying the black “evil eye reflecting” thread, tales of Kunfu cow and leaping Sister, brother rummaging my bag for lotions and lip balm, cousins measuring the inches of my flab – cooking up a masaledar Ghar ghar ki kahani.
7) River Rafting in Dubare and River crossing at Thenmalai , Kerala – finally I got to showcase my adventurous self as FB profile picture :P
8) An Assamesse, a South Indian and a Bengali cum Kanpur’iya – these are the wedding functions I attended last year. Quite a cultural cocktail 

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  1. that's whole lot of impressive places Girl!! Making me J at you 😉
    That picture with pink sky is mindblowing..
    And what a cultural quest ! Way you go!

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