::Just can’t do without you::

The poem is a result of conference chat with my hopelessly crazy friends. The first para was given by a friend and he asked me to write a song (not a poem) in simple language.

There are a few, but they aren’t like you..
I can do without me, but not without you!
love is priceless, cannot be bought for a cost..
hold on to it, before its all lost
hand in hand, let us sail to a place,
where sun drowns in an orange haze,
Let us lie beneath a moonlit night,
Our dreams dancing side by side
I trace my lifeline etched on your palm,
while you look at me, innocently calm,
smiling broadly, yeah it’s true
There are a few, but they aren’t like you
stealing glances by the shore,
diving into the ocean’s floor,
through your eyes I would love to view,
my life can go on but not without you!

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