Crazy Facebook Apps

For the lack of topics to write, I thought of going through the ordeal of clicking on each Facebook app that my hands could lay on 😛

So you thought you had all settled, good degree, nice paying job and success was supposed to be just round the corner, when wham!! The finger print secret revealed that no matter how hard you try, success will be achieved only in old age. Sigh!!! And what am I supposed to do with that, at that age. It warned me of tumultuous times during my middle age. Yeah that’s all I needed to hear.
These Facebook apps are really partial to me. Just the other day it displayed a gorgeous Villa with sprawling lawn as the future home of my college junior, while for me it was round the mill another pale colored duplex house with no garden at all. I must sue them for Fan –partiality.
Imagine my horror when Megz got A+++ in her Facebook report while a grim B+ was displayed in mine. Aohhh My tiny delicate heart is so disappointed and discouraged that I am contemplating living in cave. Or maybe I already am. :roll:
And good lord, how could I be a skunk in my previous birth. Horrendous!!!! While the images of fluffy little kitten and spotted leopard and oh-so-adorable white rabbits were outrageously splashed on my wall with comments section filled with “awww” “eeee” “wooo” and all other phonetics with a wild mixture of vowels and consonants, I was just glad that no one replied- “You look the same” in mine:P
Now there’s one app that would beat black and blue. “Who will be your future hubby” and the answers are pretty fanciful too. When Brad Pitt and Robert Patterson are flashing their drool-able smile, eHarmony and can take a hike. :P
My Facebook wall is filled with umpteen apps stating The Real Friends, the Fan friends, Top friends, Right Friends, Wrong Friends, gahh!! And I am not even one I am listed!!! Ohh what Partiality!!!

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