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“I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City
The line very much defines the shopaholic nutcase in me. So when I got the mail from Indiblogger regarding discover Qvendo contest, I must have defied the speed of light while registering in the site. Next half an hour I sat goggled eye, scrolling through each section, again and again.  If there was heaven, it was right there on my screen, in the casual Friday section.
Without losing any minute, let me list down my picks for Rs 50,000 {with dreamy eyes}.
Calvin Klein Dress black – Rs 14700 


Sleek, sensual and Smart – Calvin Klein  impeccable black dress has the potential to color your office’s monochrome four walled cubicle. As my mouse hovered over each curve , I could almost feel the silk texture ruffling against my skin, with a “The Mask” expression pasted on my face. Elegant neckline, the slight taper at the waist and subtle pleats makes the look all the more sassy. A pair of black heels and hair tied in Clamp bun would bring a refined balance to the professional look.

 Hilfiger Collection Skirt – Rs 4500

The skirt radiates a perfect sporty chic look. Flattering and classy, this cotton white skirt with stylish belt rings clutched to the sides emit sparky and confident vibes, ohhh that would so redefine my personality. Either paired with shoes or lacy sandals – nothing could possibly go wrong.

Liu Jo Dress Black -Rs 6900 

Guess I have a thing for black. Liu Jo Nylon Dress Black  can literally set the floor on fire.I might have to struggle with few crunches to shed the stubborn puppy fat, but this figurine dress is worth the trouble. The delicate butterflies near the neckline adds a touch of innocence and naivety . Short transparent sleeve ,metal zipper and a broad back – this is what defines “killer design”!!! I could image myself striding in style, a click of heels and wind in my hair.

Fornarina Ballerina Black – Rs 4800

Forget Cinderella’s glassy shoe, Ballerinas rule the fashion street these days. The best thing about ballerinas is they go with almost any dress, be it skirt, long dresses or jeans and Fornarina Ballerina Black is bound to beautify any dress it is paired with. The lovely bow at the top makes it all the more elegant.

Coccinelle Shopper White – Rs 11900

Apart from little black dresses, there’s one more delightful creation of designers that set my heart fluttering – Bags, be it sleek clutches or larger than life vanity bags and this Italian beauty by Coccinelle could very well be the pride and pleasure of any wardrobe. A perfect juxtaposition of simplicity and elegance. Along with the enamoring contours, graceful shoulder straps and  a pearl like disposition, it’s spaciousness adds value to the overall beauty.  I can’t help but imagine it sitting pretty on my slender shoulders.

Replay Ladies Watch RW5901XR – Rs 2,200

The unique and innovative design of this replay watch would definitely set the fashion quotient soaring high, emanating a blend of stylish, sporty and spirited girl next door kinda look. Besides it can easily double off as an accessory

True Religion Shirt World Tour Trible – Rs 3,700

Talking about sporty look, how about this tee from True Religion. The design is similar to one of Avril’s Abbey Dawn t-shirt collection that she wore in her music video “What the hell”. I so longingly wished to wear one of these. Somber colored pattern, clear cut neckline and hint of sleeves, . If this doesn’t grab eyeballs, what will!!

The items in my wishlist were picked from various offers on display in the month of October and November.

I might have missed out a lot of knocking outfits from Qvendo Collection, so if you too wish to virtually feel the exhilarating experience of shopping, jump in –  http://www.qvendo.com/

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  1. Lady!!,

    You are evil. Just when I have curbed my shopping instincts; I got to read this. The Ballerina is just woo…The skirt is chic! The watch uber cool..so is the bag and the black dress. You have got taste!!

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