Dying Nation

Laced in sugar coated promises,
their acidic intentions,
shred your skin,
and then a balm of
crispy green leaves
is pitifully handed,
as if that’s all your worth
a bundle of paper!!

honesty their slave, 
buried in dungeons deep,
dance of democracy
lightens their colorful evenings
shedding off, 
whatever that’s left of,
withering hopeful future.

**My take on the ever growing claws of corruption.

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11 thoughts on “Dying Nation

  1. Oh! Dear sweetheart…your first line itself is so sweet, charming and so crisp!

    Well these are not the beautiful words used. But in true sense lives each lines. For me it was like reading new words used so beautifully that gives rhyme and reflects the true color of the emotions!

    Gracious ALways!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive.. Love u hamesh!

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