::Dil ka Mamla hai ji::

It’s been a while and sometimes hard to believe
each day like a fairy tale, with you I have lived
I may not be perfect, often impossible too,
But my best dreams darling , saved only for you
And in these years, I have loved you more,
waking to a sunrise or walking by the shore
I don’t express often, neither know how to,
but my silences echo, a hundred I love yous’
For your understanding & immeasurable care
This is to you and a bond that we share,

Love is a beautiful feeling , that cannot be described in words but can only be felt. It may sound cliché but one cannot deny that it’s true. You smile to yourself, with no reason at all. The world looks like a lovely place and for once the irritating hawker or talkative aunt all appear pleasant. They say love makes the world go round and indeed that’s true, for in love you realize how much potential you have to care, to accept things, to look beyond the obvious and read between the lines.

Matters related to heart, are curious you see,
where boundaries fade, and me becomes we.

[Origami Hearts :)]

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