Terror of Sales Girl

I went to health and glow once to buy a sunscreen … Lotus SPF 40. I usually don’t ask salesgirls, who are always more than happy to help. My motto is Pick and Run, before they badger you with their endless supply of cosmetic products.

But on that fateful, I had no other option as I couldn’t find it. The girl promptly pulled out the lotion from somewhere. Before I could make a dash, she studied my face and said

“Madam, you have lot of suntan and dark circle. May I suggest you Ponds Day and Night white beauty”

Wham!!! The first hit hammered my spirit 10 feet under the ground.

“ It is blahh blah blah .. it has pro vitamin blah blah blah and also blah  blah” … she was going on… while the only thing that kept playing in my mind was “suntan and dark circle”

I managed a smile and left but that night applied Lotus De-tan, Garnier Face mask, Biotech under eye cream.

Submitting for – Funny Bunny Friday Week 3

10 thoughts on “Terror of Sales Girl

  1. That was really LOL!!! Agreed that these ppl are so shamelessly overbearing in making you feel inadequate that they always tend to get on your nerves!!!

  2. LOL!! 😀
    But they are truly such pests… and in the same category are the beauty parlor girls, they find faults and then suggest remedies for your hair, oily/dry skin, wrinkles, nails, acne, blemishes… 😐

  3. Lol . We all need a 'salesgirl repellant cream', don't we ? The moment they attack i show them my day n night cream bottles that i always carry in my handbag .

  4. lol…i would have tried carrot juice for the face, chilled potato and cucumber paste for the dark circles and roamed the entire household like a zombie all night, with the words suntan and dark circles circling my head!!! These sales girls…uffffff…

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