Siblings & Animal Affair Part 1

Isn’t it a long time since we heard about the animal affairs of my veterinary doc siblings? Well here we go –

Sister dahling has finally got a room in college hostel. Living a life of a nomad for the past few months, she had stayed in IPS Guest house, then all alone in a Professor’s quarter and finally in Graduate level hostel. Me and Mom laughed at her predicament when she slept on sofa in Proff’s deserted house because the imaginary ghosts scared her 😛 Bad Bad Me.

Oh btw she’s pursuing her M.V.Sc  in Animal Biotechnology in Jabalpur. Sounds cool huh!!! I can’t help but compare it my BE … yawn yawn!!!

Our talks these days revolve around  extracting DNA from fowl’s blood, getting animals from slaughter house, creating fibroblast cell culture, growing cumulus cell from goat’s ovaries and  other alien sophisticated terms that sometimes I feel like an old grey haired toothless hag living in a prehistoric cave, 10 feet under the ground. 

Sister in act!!!!

2 thoughts on “Siblings & Animal Affair Part 1

  1. Gawd… how could you compare BE with such alien terminology!! Life was so simple when there were just isometric drawings and cute little differential equations.. 😛
    I remembered the earlier one about dancing cows or something like that.. and i burst out laughing

    Nice post!!

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