::Nobody’s Child::

Her chapped palms smell of
-ungrateful jasmine-
roughened by shrewd plays of world.
And in the creases of
– youthful forehead-
sleeps an orphaned childhood, old
among distasteful leering,
ineffectual rags of
-modesty cries-
unfortunate beauty trapped among
pawn broker and hawker alike
-Nobody’s Child –
gazes  high up , at the
    S ,
elegant unreachable stairs
winding beyond clouds yonder.
S L O W L Y sighing,
At the dreams hidden, on the dark side of
half bitten moon.

33 thoughts on “::Nobody’s Child::

  1. Really striking poem. I like the half bitten moon image, and the tall skyscraper. It seems to me you have caught in words a bright sliver (like the moon) illuminating the world of an orphan.

  2. The flow of poetry was as if " a person bit walking and getting reminded of getting late and running a lil " kind of…
    some how I felt it so much interesting indeed dear…Thanks for share…

  3. "Ungrateful jasmine" really stuck with me – perhaps it's the oddness of seeing a flower (or fragrance) as ungrateful.

    Anyway, this is a sad and powerful poem about a child of the streets and what she's had to do to survive. Well written.

  4. I had to read this a couple of times. I like the visuals you use and the way you pack this so full of… of what? Of emotion, I suppose. (Pardon me, words fail me sometimes. Or I fail them. Whichever.)

  5. The very first stanza is awesome! Gives a really solid start. The experiments with structure makes sense. Though, I'm not sure about hyphenated phrases. Any particular reason?

  6. wow you really set the tone in this..we are resonating a bit with the prose i just posted…i feel for this child lost under the largeness of the world….nice textures to this…

  7. I liked the 'orphaned childhood, old' part – interesting description to counter-balance the 'youthful forehead' part.

    Nice vertical "SKYSCRAPERS" too!

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