[Fiction]::Howls of a night::

Image artist- Dave

She gazed at the horizon, immersed in frightful shadows. A slow approaching rumbling of the villagers silenced the silence of the night. The consequences of her ghastly act had hit her liked a bolt. Drenched in the blood of her own kind, she realized absconding the scene was the only option for her survival. 

Glancing at the mutilated bodies for one last time, she jumped out of the window and disappeared into the woods.

Far away a melancholic howl filled the night, brightened by a devious full moon.

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14 thoughts on “[Fiction]::Howls of a night::

  1. silencing the silence of the night.. nice imagination and words.. although a scene that is familiar the story is different.. But how many days are going to speak about a howl and a full moon.. can we move on please 😛

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