::Farmville Fanatics::

Lush green wheat and apricots, when swayed in virtual boulevard, 
goggled eyed I walked into, the electronic Farmville yard

Dressed in sizzling pink sundress, cost me 20 FV Cash
smartly perched on yellow Chasis, I harvested Potato stash,

sowed Lavender in elegant rows, 2 more days I need to wait,
let me send an e-invite, to the new found friend I made,

The clock says it’s 1 am, time to feed the pink piglets,
wiggling spotted and slimy, thank god they aren’t on my bed

quack quack went the party ducks, a comfy lighthouse cove to rest
golly where’s the extra Twine, my Trading center is in shreds,

Send me red bricks you misers and if possible a Kibble too,
Dairy farm is all set now, strawberry cow can happily moo,

if I mention one more time, you threatened to burn it’s tail
how can I not fret over ,the violet spotted lamb so frail

Ohh look a purple unicorn, flying pigeons on rainbow tree
Beehive badly needs mending, do gift nails, two or three,

England farm is quite peaceful, Jumbo must be sound asleep,
Irish cottage on sale today, ohh where the heck should I keep.

notched up to level Eigthy two , earned Cotton candies too,
but Her’s is 104, sigh!!! there’s lot more work I need to do.

9 thoughts on “::Farmville Fanatics::

  1. I can't say how delighted I was when reading this lovely poem…is this a tribute to Farmville?
    I used to play like that all day. That is one bloody addictive game..I am still tying my hands hard not to come and play again..
    This is lovely poem!

  2. Lovely penned words. I am in self imposed farmville-rehab now. But this really tempted me to go back. Sigh! I used to keep alarms on my phone to get up and harvest in the middle of the night! 😀

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