Zapping @ 6

Rabiosa by Pitbull & Shakira –I have a hard time restraining myself from jumping right in the middle of the bus and do some of Shakira “hips don’t lie”, the fear of being dropped at the Tin factory by the conductor stops me. This is one uplifting foot tapping number that is often played in the radio. I just love it, especially when she goes “Ra pa pa”. Love beat, the music and the energy of the song. Haven’t watched the video yet, darn Tata photon, but then when it’s Shakira, it has to awesome.

Run Devil Run by Girl’s Generation– This one’s by Korean girl group Girl’s Generation. Apart from their flawless skin, perfect girlish figures, glossy hair and cute dance steps, I loved the attitude in the song.  It was suggested to me by my beau, who of course loved it for all the obvious reasons even though he says otherwise.
A sky full of lighters by Eminem – This man has really got some voice. Of late I have started loving most of his songs. Along with Love the way it hurts and I am not afraid, this too is one of the most played numbers in my playlist.

Alligator sky by Owlcity

“Where was I when the rockets came to life 
And carried you away into the alligator sky

I still break my head while imagining an alligator sky. How exactly would it look like? I read somewhere that it means a fake sky. Whatever may be the meaning I love this term, it’s so unique and catchy, though the image that comes to my mind isn’t that pretty. This is a beautiful song that adds an extra zing to an otherwise monotonous journey from office to home.

Rain over Me – Pitbull feat Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony’s you sang to me is still a song that I never get bored listening to. Though I feel this one’s not as good but manages to make a mark.
In case you are wondering about the title, our company bus starts at 6 from the office. That’s when I furiously switch between radio channels
With melodies ringing in my ears, sun setting down the horizon and a comfortable seat, the one hour journey back to my home is one of the Me Moment I look forward to.

One thought on “Zapping @ 6

  1. Nice Post.. Especially after your explanation about the Title.. Zappin.. yeah.. tru.. the good stuff is always off the air when you wanna listen to the Radio. Coming to the music.. I not a great fan of Shakira.. have never heard bout the rest of the songs.. but "You sang to me" rocks… As far as I'm concerned – an EAGLES fan thru and thru.. And no radio for me.. so no ZAPPIN 😀

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