::Controversy’s Favorite Children::

This is a country that’s ruled by women, where a model makes more news than Indian hockey team winning the Asia Cup and a person with disproportionate assets is not just Kalmadi but also Rakhi Sawant.
Let me present before you the Top three women in my list that makes the newspaper sizzle and burst in flames.
Poonam Pandey – Now that’s what you call being cricket fanatic, conjuring innovative sensational surprises to inspire the slacking cricket for the sake of nation’s pride. Oh what patriotism!!! IMHO Given the amount of clothes she wears, that’s not much of a sacrifice. But then she popularized one more tactic to hit the headlines in 30 seconds. Yeah atleast she got that right.
When the talk of these ladies is in progress, our pinky Sree will never be far behind. He tried to make the best out of her by publishing a post with a link to not-so-family-friendly picture of hers, for 5 views he got 1 cent.

Poonam may blaze the headlines with her attire or the lack of it, but she’s still a kindergartener when compared to Rakhi. Though she prefers to be compared with Angelina Jolie, but babes that’s all you gonna get for your ‘therapeutic’ degree.
Rakhi Sawant –  the empress of drama who has monopolized the world of controversy  – knows the perfect mantra to serve the headlines hot – right out of the microwave – with her ingenious words of wisdom. Or is that an attempt to woo our Yoga Guru Ramdev who had set her heart fluttering away. Jejus!!! the media goes bonkers over this belle (don’t cringe ), pondering hard and framing her statements to be printed in bold. So what if her grip on Angrezi is slippery, she got a firm grip on the rest. That’s Rakhi ka insaaf for you!!

Mayavati  The BSP supremo brought poverty to a new low in the state of UP- which has now become a holiday destination for Rapists. This woman makes plundering and looting people look like gobbling tic tacs. Unlike the rest, she knows the trick to leave permanent footprints – sending private jets to fetch footwear, erecting statues with her trademark handbag and phoren chappals. Her birthday gift to UP was 7300 crore project , I would be unduly respectful if I say even half of that is being used for state welfare.
Birthday bash with 55Kg cakes, Rs 1000 note (= 5 crore) garlands, food tasters – this lady who paid 26 crore as tax knows how to live in style. And you were wondering where the taxes, ruthlessly cut off from your hard earned income, went? But that’s just her pocket money, the rest comes from rampant murder and extortion, boy she makes Gabbar Singh look like Dhanno the horse. If only Gabbar knew how to execute these activities legally.

I have been fruitlessly searching for a picture of hers in plaited hair and ponytail. Damn!!
Jejus!! – how the hell did India made to the fourth position in World’s most dangerous place for women, that too just after the likes of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

6 thoughts on “::Controversy’s Favorite Children::

  1. These women would do anything to hit the headlines! Oh And R.Sawant's a real drama queen..there's never a day I have seen news on TOI without her name on one column!
    Ohh..that Rs.1000 garland..is a bit of too much….Will that money be taxed?? God knows

  2. Well. whatever they are.

    but they have enough mind and capability to hit the headlines and wow…people dying to watch them. Writing about them.Tone doesn't matter.

    Any kind of publicity is good publicity. This is mantra.

    Mayawati. Social Engineering. She has not studied at any MIT for that. 🙂

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