3D Origami Oswald Octopus Tutorial

Don’t you love his sweet little face. A friend of mine asked me to make Oswald in 3D Origami. I searched as much as I could but couldn’t find a tutorial anywhere. So left to my own means,  I did some calculations (yes, you gotta do some maths when making 3D models 🙂 ) and created a brand new tutorial. In this post I will show you how to make 3D Origami Oswald the Octopus.

3D Origami Oswald the Octopus tutorial

For this, I actually reused some old A4 size paper. Colored it blue with crayons. These days you can actually buy paper triangles online. But I am all about reuse and recycle while making paper crafts. Being mindful of my carbon footprint.
The tutorial is pretty simple. Fold around 200 blue paper pieces using Golden Venture folding triangular method.
Golden Venture Folding Triangular method
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1. Pick 16 pieces and make a circular base.
2. Once a circular ring has formed, add pieces on top to make a second layer. Keep adding untill you reach 8 levels. At this point you will realize that the top of his head has started forming. You can add one more level to close the top of his head.
3. Once we are done with the body, which will look like a 3D sphere, we will add 8 tentacles.
I used around 6 pieces for each tentacle. The pieces were inserted in the below fashion. You can add more pieces to make it longer.
4. Draw eyes and lips and stick them with glue.
5. Attach the 8 tentacles at equally spaced distance. Use glue if they are coming out.
And here you go. 3D Origami Oswald the Octopus is ready.

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