::Of Volvo, a lone journey & Stupid Princess::

After a sentimental goodbye to a long relationship with Chennai, the Warrior Princess has finally reached Bangalore.

It takes a Volvo bus, a lone journey and an unknown place to do a thorough analysis on my stupidity. Oh yeah I can give stiff competition to an earthworm in terms of intelligence.
It all started on the second day when I had to wake up at 6 am { can you imagine that … 6am … who does that?}, 3 hours well before my usual time. Last I woke up at this unearthly hour was … well … last decade when I was still singing the songs of school days. {OMG it’s a decade since I went to school :O }
So I got ready in a dreamy state, didn’t even realize that nail color on my four fingers was different from the one I applied on thumb nail.
The only saving grace of the first day at office was I met Soya Di and a college mate. I was almost at the verge of pulling my hair out of boredom and it was just 10 am. By 3pm I was literally insane, my eyes were rolling in the socket and hair standing at the seams. Escaped at 4pm, but didn’t know where to go, how to go … yeah you got the picture. 
So I made some ‘emergency’ calls and realized “500 something” {bus no.} will take me home. Well there was a 500 standing right in front of me. Boarded it. The kind conductor told me it won’t go directly there, but it will drop me at the bus stop where I can catch another shuttle. And so the journey commenced. I did pass by some familiar landmarks but half an hour later realization dawned that the places look funny and sound funny and then it strike me…….. I was lost.
Like an innocent lost lamb I looked around without any knowledge of where I was.
The conductor once again came to me, asked, shook his head, and told me to cross the road and catch another 500 something.
Battery low, unknown place, chilly weather, alien language, and there was I with lamb-like expression, stranded. I dashed across the road just in time to catch the bus, which was totally crowded.
So I stood near the door of the Volvo. Just as the next stop approached, the conductor told me to get aside. I thought, I would once the passengers start geting in, but to my horror as soon as the bus came to a halt, the huge automatic door ruthlessly pushed me. Gah!!! There I was cramped in a corner, stuck between the door and the handle and my bag, rendered immobile.
I twisted and turned and freed myself cursing if the day was ever going to end. What kind of freaking Engineer I was not knowing the mechanics of a simple door?
With my intelligence in question, my face red with embarrassment, I tried in vain to disappear in a corner, away from the I-warned-you eyes of the conductor.
Why didn’t I learn horse riding when I had the opportunity?
Thankfully the rest of the journey was devoid of any more incidents. Reached home, watched a Korean movie and slept.
The next day I wore my pink colored lucky dress, just in case.

5 thoughts on “::Of Volvo, a lone journey & Stupid Princess::

  1. We have one thing in common – waking up at 9:00 AM! But in Bangalore I used to wake up even at 10:00 AM on cold days!! Its a perfect place to keep sleeping, sleeping and sleeping…….. 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. Awww!!! That was a bad sad day and was good thinking on ur part to wear pink the next day 🙂

    How was the next day vaise? and hows the new job? I must tell u initial few days will be boring but then u will get used to it 😉

  3. lollzzz…I know that thing..

    that automatic doors one.


    Bangalore is the sexiest city in India I tell you.

    You will start enjoying in few days. there are more bloggers friends over there you can get help from. Right?

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