::Magic of Nineties::

Suddenly I am all nostalgic. Growing up in nineties was so much fun. The magic refuses to fade or maybe I am getting old 

1) Remember Captain Vyom, it was a cult – didn’t Milind Soman look delightful? The space chronicle and the villains of the universe totally hooked my young mind.
Then there was Aarohan , a TV serial about youth in Navy starring Pallavi Joshi – I have watched its episodes a zillion times, and every time Wing Cmdr Sidhharth Khurana came into frame, my heart would jump out
Watching TV was a pleasure and then came Ekta and her gang. 
2) Love was still innocent. Stealing glances and passing love notes. When knees became jelly, heart skipped beats and the smile refused to fade on sitting next to your crush.
Short skirts and Fast-track watches were not a medium to hog attention.
Love wasn’t Kamina and Kambhaqt and Dum Maro Dum was a melody.
3) I adored Divya Bharati.
4) When a horde of tuition classes were not required to top the class.
5) Language was clean and cuss words weren’t in fashion. Those hush hush words that have now replaced nouns and pronouns. 

6) He-man, Hercules, Little Mermaid, Alladin – Power packed Sundays

Remember Tap Tap Topi Topi Top Mein Jo Doobe, Far Far Farmaishi Dekhen Hain Ajoobe…… Gugli Chhilak Jaaying!!! …
7) Maggi wasn’t a staple food.
8 ) Recess was spent in exchanging foreign stamps, looking for the best bargain {yeah I was pretty shrewd back then :P} and being a Numismatic (coin collection) was totally stylish.
9) We climbed trees, played cricket, stapoo and langadi taang. Evenings were meant for running around even with scraped knees, rolling in dust and watching the sun go down.
I still remember sneaking out on Helper bhaiya’s Hero cycle to learn cycling and volunteer to walk the neighbor’s dog Pluto. Though it would always end up dragging me behind and fighting with all the other dogs in the park.
10) Having fun wasn’t equivalent to shopping spree or alcohol parties  . And life didn’t feel like it’s fleeting away 
11) Above all Kids won’t call you Aunty. Oh the horror!!!! 
So how were your growing up years?? What makes you nostalgic? 

16 thoughts on “::Magic of Nineties::

  1. Haha. Kids won't call aunty :)))

    Things are changing. I think the world has changed a lot since 90s.

    I agree with you.

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  3. Ohhh the 90's! I really do miss it! From all the history I have read, I think barring the time of the Roman Empire, the 90's was the best time!
    There are days when I go on youtube to watch the ads or the starting credits of the serials I used to watch at those times!
    I vividly remember Captain Vyom, but you are forgetting Shaktiman!! He was quite the rage!!! 😉
    Nice post!! Took me back to the 90's for sometime!!!

  4. getting up to sound of chitrahaar or rangoli on DD..watching mowgli and eating maggi (yeah..back then maggi was only for sundays)…
    running home from tutions to have milk and go out to play box cricket then as it got darker play hidenseek..and then after being tired discuss horror movies..or just about anything not related to studies..
    watching 'independence day' on star movies and talking about the gross aliens and kickass special effects…
    wow .. there is more.. but then its too much nostalgia….maybe a topic for a post on my blog…

    wonderful idea

  5. me readin blogs after a long time and this was a pleasure to read. sure love was so innocent then. all i had with my first crush was aankhon hi aankhon mein for more than a year and now, my sister laughs at it. she says im from the sixties!!

    and maggi, oh yeah. now makes a major part of my food

    really nice write up..
    had fun readin

  6. I'm a 90's kid and I miss that Golden period of my life so much!
    I say it with a sense of pride that my childhood was far better than my siblings cuz I grew up in the 90's 🙂

  7. I miss the playing outside part the most. That is I look at the kids these days and it makes me sad to see them in front of the TV or computer every evening rather than being out and running around with friends.

    Those were such great days. 🙂

  8. Ahhhhhh the nineties! Still remembering He- Man, Surabhi, growing up with Shakthiman, Ramayan and Mahabharath on Sundays, Chitrahaar, " ek thithli..anek thithliyaan", " mile sur". Nostalgic really!

  9. quite some thoughts to this post. Growing up in the 90s – a wave of emotion hits me now.

    Remember Mahabharat? Alice in Wonderland? Duck Tales?

    The Rangoli and Chitrahar? Close up was a luxury toothpaste then.

    Yeah no need of tuition, no multiplexes….of my! we have come a long way

  10. Ah!!!I so much relate to the Aunty part 😉

    I grew up in 80s and that was fun too. And yes I too loved Divya Bharti! What a sad loss of life!!!

    For me Vyomkesh Bakshi was the Hero!! 🙂

    Maggi was an expensive item back then…now to free for all hai..

    Nice nostalgic post…

  11. Growing up in sixties was better. Some of the things we were doing in sixties were still there for you in the nineties. May be they are no longer there .. now the velocity of change has increased

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