::Beyond Shadows::

Beyond shadows, stealthily plying on woods of darkest shade, 
Resonates an enigmatic secrecy of an old folklore,
there lies a land of shimmer, of colors so absurdly wild,
stars light up the staircase while moon blinds the night,

firmament captures mild earthly reflection ,
imprinting across horizon for ocean to gaze in awe
and on distant moor echoes electrifying laughter,
as warm effervescence dissolve a winter borne ripple

They say such world exist though veiled from heart of stone
Where fairies sprinkle joy and dreams smile to life
My child, your untainted eyes can see it glimmer bright
Where love still holds innocence and greed says good-bye.

Submitting for One Stop Poetry Have a look at some beautiful images from Bonnie at Original Art Studio

10 thoughts on “::Beyond Shadows::

  1. Hello, this is the first time I have read something penned by you.
    And as a comment that is already posted, it has magical quality in words and the idea too.

    The night as you have drawn has bewitching feel.

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