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In this post, I will describe all the steps needed to make a beautiful model of 3D Origami Angry Bird. Anyone, be it beginner or expert, will be able to make this.

I love recycling paper for my papercrafts. So for this one, I used paper that was already printed on one side and no longer required, colored one side with crayons (not watercolor), and then cut them into pieces. These pieces are made from regular A4 size paper

Fold and cut the paper equally into 4 parts. Then fold again and cut each strip into 8 equal parts. After that, follow the steps in the given picture to create paper triangles which will be the basic building block of the 3D Origami model.

The basic unit is a triangle folded by a technique called Golden venture folding. Multiple triangles are folded in a 1:2 ratio paper. These triangles are then connected by inserting the flap on one into the other.

Golden Venture Folding Triangular method
Golden Venture Folding

This is the basis for all 3D origami creations. These day you can buy the triangles online too. But I prefer creating my own pieces. It does take a fair bit of time as you need to prepare over a hundred of them.

Now let’s move on to the step-by-step procedure of making a Black Angry Bird. I made a red and a black one too using this tutorial.

3D Origami Angry Bird Tutorial

You will need 32 Grey colored pieces, 160 black pieces for a base of 16 and 1 yellow piece. If you want to make a bigger bird, increase the base to 18 or 20 or more.

  1. Connect 16 (6 grey and 10 black) triangles to form a circular base. It will look like the picture in Step 2 in the image below. As you go up, decrease the number of grey triangles (refer the image of angry bird)
  2. Step 4 and 5 shows how to insert a piece once you have a circular base.
  3. Step 6, 7, 8 – All the grey pieces are connected together in descending order
  4. Step 9 – Fill up the rest of the area with black pieces.
  5. Step 11 – Add 3 more rows of black pieces.
  6. Step 11 – Add one grey piece as shown in the picture
  7. Step 12 – Add two more grey pieces as shown and fill the rest with black pieces.
  8. Step 13 – Add rows of black pieces till the top is covered.
  9. Draw google eyes, tail and fold a yellow triangle for the beak. Stick them with glue
3D Origami Angry Bird Tutorial
3D Origami Black Angry Bird
3D Origami Angry Bird

Blue Colored Angry Bird

3D Origami Angry Bird Blue

You can also make Angry birds using quilling paper.

3D quilling angry bird

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Updated-19 Feb 2020

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