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Today we are going to have a look at what goes on behind the scenes in the making of 3D Origami Angry Bird.

The basic unit is a triangle folded by a technique called Golden venture folding. Multiple triangles are folded in 1:2 ratio paper. These triangles are then connected by inserting the flap on one into the other.

Here’s a diagram. I recycle printed paper, color them with crayons (not water color), cut them into pieces and then fold them.
These pieces are made from regular A4 size paperFold and cut the paper equally into four parts. Then fold and cut each strip into 8 equal parts.
Then follow the steps in the given picture.
Golden venture folding - 3D origami


This is the basis for all 3D origami creations.
Now let’s move on to the step-by-step procedure of making a Black Angry Bird. I made a red one too, but didn’t make a tutorial.

You will need 32 Grey colored pieces, 160 black pieces for a base of 16 and 1 yellow piece.

If you want to make a bigger bird, increase the base to 18 or 20 or more.

In the first step (Step 2), connect 16 black triangles (you may also connect 6 grey and 10 black triangles)as you go up, decrease the number of grey triangles (refer the image of angry bird)Step 4,5 shows how to insert a piece.

Step6,7,8 – I have first connected all the grey pieces in descending order
Step 10 – Fill up the rest of the area with black pieces.
Step 11 – Add 3 more rows of complete black piece, then at the center add a grey piece.
Step 12 – Add two more grey pieces as shown and fill the rest with black pieces.

Step 13 – Add rows of black pieces till the top is covered.
Draw google eyes, tail and fold a yellow triangle for beak. Fix as shown.
3D Origami Angry Bird Tutorial

And tadada … the Angry bird is ready 🙂

3D Origami Angry Bird
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