::Still, Beat as one::

Oh my dear!! we are miles apart,
still beat as one, our little hearts,
Yearning eyes and tears I swipe,
it’s 3 am, let’s chat in Skype,
I could see you smile, bright and wide,
though the world is dark, on this side,
Slowly rises the orange sun,
Morning shift, I gotta run,
give me a call, when dusk falls there,
till then, my heart will be intensive care.

* I Originally wrote it for a Doodle Fun Challenge in my corporate blog

Submitting for One Stop Poetry
The photograph is by Adam Romanowicz, who is featured today as part of One Shoot Sunday.

15 thoughts on “::Still, Beat as one::

  1. Interesting! Never thought I would encounter Skype in a poem. But I guess wonders never cease in this Hi-Tech World. 🙂 Good One. 🙂

  2. A heart in the IC Unit due to missing someone… Like that very much. "it's 3 am, let's chat in Skype" Also like "Slowly rises the orange sun,
    Morning shift, I gotta run,"
    Excellent response to the challenge!

  3. awww – this made me smile…my heart will be intensive care..reminded me of when my daughter was in bolivia…6 hours time shift but she had hardly any internet connection so we didn't skype a lot..beautiful take on the prompt

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