Angry Bird | Shape Poem for Kids

Update Aug 2021 – I felt like a little kid while writing this one. Especially creating the visual and coloring in MS Paint. Sometimes, even adults need to relax and get in touch with their inner child. Not very proud of the arrangement of the words. I could have done a better job.

I feel little kids would like to create this shape poem. My little one absolutely enjoys watching the Angry Birds movie. Even I had a good laugh watching it. Hopefully, when he grows up he will write little poems like this.

angry bird shape poem
Shape Poetry

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17 thoughts on “Angry Bird | Shape Poem for Kids

  1. Just so cool on so many levels– great job! I especially like the line "we save our golden eggs" — d.straight we do!

  2. Interesting piece, very clever, meany birds icky. anyway i like the idea of shape poetry though it isnt something I personally do, i find it unique and worth doing though, more power to ya do what you do and i look forward to seeing you again in future rallies

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