Celestial romance and
glorious dawns,
world hidden over veil,
sinusoidal starry swirls,
mysteries , known – unknown, 
between lies time, beyond reach,
myriad colors in space, 
foggy past through captured reflections,
answers lay
Lay answers
reflections captured through past, foggy
space in colors myriad,
Reach beyond time lies between
unknown-known mysteries,
swirls starry sinusoidal,
Veil over hidden world,
dawns glorious
And romance celestial

Palindrome Poetry
Also Known as Mirrored Poetry

A palindrome, by definition, is a word, phrase, verse, sentence, or even poem that reads same forward and backward
It stems from the Greek word palindromos: palin, meaning again, and 
dromos, meaning a running. Combining the two together, the Greek meaning gives us, running
back again


27 thoughts on “[Palindrome]::Suspended::

  1. Oh this is wonderful! All the same words, but go in another direction and they take on such a different meaning! Love the lesson in this, thank you 🙂

  2. This is just absolutely amazing. I have never tried this form and actually, this is the first time I have ever come across a poem of this structure and its safe to say that I'm absolutely flabbergasted. This is pure genius.And such swirls of color and solid, almost tangible imagery.This is just lovely!

  3. This is amazing you've have really mastered this form! I can't even imagine how you did this. I love the sense of the unknown in this poem

  4. Very nicely done. Interesting form. I think I may give it a whirl myself one of these days. I enjoyed it very much. Unique. Creative. Thank you:)

  5. You've created a kind of maze with your words… Thought provoking and mysterious. Awesome work!

  6. I wonder how you mange to execute forms to perfection, Raji 🙂 I think the last three lines, the reverse of the first, make the best reading..! Loved it.

  7. Nice job! I really enjoyed how the lines swirled you around and then let you linger for a moment before swirling you back around again.

    Good word choice, and the rhythm devices were a great match to subject matter.

    I NEED to try this form, it seems very challenging.

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