::Over the hill::

Over the hill, rises horizon,
in hues of blue and peach,
whispers gently rustle,
the sunlight streaming down,

soaked in pristine dew,
cling the seam of her gown,
the valley reverberate
memories of eternal wait,
and when twilight flick
 its dark starlit tresses,
a song still echoes,
over the silent hill.

Photo: Clicked at Kerala, India

16 thoughts on “::Over the hill::

  1. So green and beautiful !!!!
    We have Midsummer here in Finland and our nature is so green too. Our trees just look a little different from yours.

  2. lovely poem to describe a beautiful place – i feel like i was there and could here the trees gently whispering.

    i especially liked the line:

    "memories of eternal wait"

  3. Aahh…what serenity!! It was like some soulful song, my dear… lovely!
    I could hear Nature calling to me from the other side of those beautiful hills.. *sigh*

  4. Wonderfully written. Second stanza is killer, especially
    "the valley reverberate
    memories of eternal wait,"
    deep. Agree with Claudia. Beautiful.

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